Annika Bergen

  • Promotions and Outreach Coordinator

  • Favorite Blog:
  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: Downhill skiing in the winter and camping in the summer
  • Green Living Tip: Value the things you already own and repair them for as long as you can. Rent or borrow things you don't own. Buy secondhand and extend the life of existing items.

Annika grew up hiking and skiing in the Colorado Rockies before moving to Minnesota for her undergraduate at St. Olaf College where she majored in Economics and Environmental Studies. She recently completed a Master of Arts in Sustainable Design through the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD), applying concepts like whole systems thinking and biomimicry. Annika has long held environmentalism as a part of her own personal ethic, and is actively working to be more involved in sustainability initiatives throughout her neighborhood in Kingfield and the broader Twin Cities. She’s extremely excited and grateful to be a part of the team at Do it Green! MN.


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