Olivia House

  • Graphic Designer

  • Favorite Blog: Chocolate Covered Katie vegan food blog
  • Favorite Low Carbon Recipe: Pita wraps
  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: Playing soccer
  • Favorite Restaurant: Anywhere with great vegetarian options!
  • Green Living Tip: Try veganism or vegetarianism
  • Most Recent Green Change You Made: Reusing all of my containers
  • Favorite Book: Private Games by James Patterson
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Why you love Do It Green! Minnesota: I love the community around Do it Green! Minnesota and the different events and ways to get people involved in creating and implementing solutions to environmental issues

Olivia House is an up and coming freelance graphic designer from Minneapolis. A recent high school grad, Olivia will be studying graphic design and marketing in the fall at Augsburg College, where she will also be playing soccer. Olivia is excited to climb on board with the Do it Green! Minnesota team and is hoping to learn more about ways she can help conserve the environment.


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