2020 Green Gifts Fair Cancelled - Virtual Options a Possibility

Do It Green! Minnesota's 2020 Green Gifts Fair has been cancelled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty around planning future events. We are very sad to have to make this decision and are working to plan ways in which our sustainable vendors, educators and attendees are able to connect with each other virtually.

If you are a vendor, past volunteer or attendee, please take two minutes to complete this survey and give us your thoughts on virtual options such as a directory, social media vendor stories and/or a "green holiday shop day" to promote green living and green holidays this year.

Stay connected! We continue to promote green living ideas, resources and tools on our social media.

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Apply to be a Vendor

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019 Green Gifts Fair event. If you would like to be added to our notification list for 2020, please email heidi@doitgreen.org.

Do It Green! Minnesota is planning to host the 14th Annual Green Gifts Fair on November 23, 2019 at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN. The Green Gifts Fair hosts vendors and educational booths in order to educate the community on creating a more sustainable holiday season.

The Green Gifts Fair is looking for artists and businesses that are sustainable or that provide education to motivate Minnesotans about green and sustainable living and promote building healthy, local communities.

The core goals of the Green Gifts Fair Event are:

  1. To expose new and returning visitors to education and hands-on experiences about reducing our personal impact on the environment
  2. Providing education and opportunities for shoppers to support and purchase green, locally made and long-lasting gifts and connect them to new businesses and artists to support year-round.
  3. Providing a fun and engaging community event focused on celebrating sustainability, diversity and community building.

Green Gifts Fair Vendors

Local Artist:

  • without a storefront
  • mostly sells at art fairs, farmers markets, community events and through their own website and Etsy
  • does not hire a staff to help with production

Green Business:

  • has a storefront or online store (not Etsy)
  • hires staff

Green Gifts Fair Demos

To keep in alignment with our event goals, we invite new and returning community organizations to educate and promote their work at the Green Gifts Fair based on our event theme and goals for that year with a sliding scale based on supplies and staffing offered and financial availability for each organization.

Green Gifts Fair vendor applicants are reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Local/regionally produced
  • Local/regionally produced
  • Energy efficient/renewable energy
  • Reduction of toxic ingredients
  • Durable/reused/reusable
  • Recycled content
  • Plant-based
  • Reduced packaging
  • Conserves/protects water
  • Organically grown/sustainably produced
  • Socially responsible
  • Builds strong communities
  • Provides green information and resources to others
  • Accommodates the needs of a diverse audience

No Direct Sales Vendors:

Direct sales businesses will not be accepted into the Green Gifts Fair.

Vendor booth fees for 2019 are:

Green Business: $260 ($245 with Early Bird Discount)
Local Artist/Non-Profit: $160 ($145 with Early Bird Discount)
Demo Booth: $160 ($145 with Early Bird Discount)
Three scholarships for a reduced booth rate of $90 are available.

Early bird special! Register before August 4 to save $15. Prices will increase on August 5.

Applications will be accepted until September 1.

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