Thank you for attending the 11th Annual Green Gifts Fair! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Apply to be a Vendor

Do It Green! Minnesota presents:

13th Annual Green Gifts Fair!

Saturday, November 17, 2018, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Midtown Global Market, Minneapolis, MN 55407
$1 Donation/person accepted at the door

All booth positions have been filled for 2018.

Do It Green! MN is happy to announce the 13th Annual Green Gifts Fair. The Green Gifts Fair will be held on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN. The Green Gifts Fair hosts vendors and educational booths in order to educate the community on creating a more sustainable holiday season. Please read the entire contents of this page and click the link at the bottom to apply to be a vendor at the Green Gifts Fair.

Please contact to be added to the list for 2019 Green Gifts Fair information.

The Green Gifts Fair is looking for artists and businesses that are sustainable or that provide education to motivate Minnesotans about green and sustainable living and promote building healthy, local communities.

The core goals of the Green Gifts Fair Event are:

  1. To expose new and returning visitors to education and hands-on experiences about reducing our personal impact on the environment
  2. Providing education and opportunities for shoppers to support and purchase green, locally made and long-lasting gifts and connect them to new businesses and artists to support year-round.
  3. Providing a fun and engaging community event focused on celebrating sustainability, diversity and community building.

Green Gifts Fair Vendors

Local Artist:

  • without a storefront
  • mostly sells at art fairs, farmers markets, community events and through their own website and Etsy
  • does not hire a staff to help with production

Green Business:

  • has a storefront or online store (not Etsy)
  • hires staff

Green Gifts Fair Demos

To keep in alignment with our event goals, we invite new and returning community organizations to educate and promote their work at the Green Gifts Fair based on our event theme and goals for that year with a sliding scale based on supplies and staffing offered and financial availability for each organization.

Green Gifts Fair vendor applicants are reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Local/regionally produced
  • Energy efficient/renewable energy
  • Less toxic
  • Durable/reused
  • Recycled content
  • Plant-based
  • Reduced packaging
  • Conserves/protects water
  • Organically grown/sustainably produced
  • Socially responsible
  • Builds strong communities
  • Provides green information and resources to others

Early bird special! Register before August 1 to save $15.

Prices will increase to $250 (Green Business) and $150 (Local Artist/Demo) on August 1.

Applications will be accepted until September 1.

IMPORTANT: All applicants must read this important vendor information before completing the application.

Green Gifts Fair Vendor Information

Vendor Booth Fees:

  • Local artist or Nonprofit Booth Fee: $135
  • Green Business Booth Fee: $235
  • Demo Booth fee: $135

Do It Green! MN will be offering a reduced booth fee of $80 for vendors who reach diverse audiences. If you would like to be considered for this reduced fee please complete the Scholarship Application in your Vendor Profile. Scholarships will only be granted to vendors who have not previously participated in the Green Gifts Fair.

Food Permits Required for any Consumable Product:

A Minneapolis Short Term Food Permit ($87 fee) or a Minneapolis seasonal permit number is required for anything consumable; food, spices, or beverages. This applies whether the items are sold, given away or provided as samples.

You will need to complete, print, and sign a Short Term Food Permit. You can scan and submit this form with your vendor application, or mail it to the address below.

Please include the $87 permit fee with the booth application fee in your final online payment or mail to the address indicated in the GGF Portal.

For assistance please contact the Do It Green! team at

ST19 Tax Form Required to be a Vendor:

ALL VENDORS must complete, print, and sign an ST19 Tax Form: Operator Certificate of Compliance. Please scan and submit this form with your vendor application, or mail it to the address below. If you will be making taxable sales at the Green Gifts Fair, you will need a Minnesota tax identification number. For more information go to: or call 651-282-5225 or toll-free 1-800-657-3605. For assistance contact Help at

No Direct Sales Vendors:

Direct sales businesses will not be accepted into the Green Gifts Fair.

Refund Policy:

Vendor applicants not accepted into the fair will receive a FULL refund of their application and food permit fees. For cancellations before 11:59 pm on November 4, 2018, vendors will receive a refund if a replacement vendor is found. After November 4, 2018, there will be NO refunds. For questions on refunds, contact Green Gifts Fair Help at

Silent Auction: An Important Fundraiser for Do It Green! Minnesota

In your application, you will notice the opportunity to pledge the donation of a silent auction item. Each year Do It Green! hosts a silent auction during the fair that helps support our mission, the Green Gifts Fair and our website. We appreciate any donation that you are able to pledge. There will be drop boxes placed at the loading areas during the fair where you can leave your donation item. If you would prefer to deliver your donation personally, the silent auction will be held near the stage.

Vendor Application Process:

  • Create a GGF Account to access your Vendor Profile.
  • Complete your vendor profile online. See Apply Now! below.
  • Complete, print, and sign an ST19 Tax Form with MN State Tax ID number at Operator Certificate of Compliance. Please scan and submit a copy with your application, or mail to the address provided. If you don’t have an MN State Sales Tax ID number, you may register online at or by calling 651-282-5225 or toll-free 1-800-657-3605.
  • If applicable, print, complete, and sign a Short Term Food Permit.  Please scan and submit a copy with your application, or mail to the provided address.
  • The vendor booth fee includes an 8′ x 30″ table, 2 chairs, and 1 parking pass for the parking ramp.
  • Booth extras are available for additional fees. Options for electrical outlets, premium booth space in the atrium, and additional parking passes are available.
  • Be sure to include both the booth and food permit fees (if applicable) with your final payment  which can be submitted via PayPal, credit card online, OR mail check to the address indicated in the GGF Portal.
  • Please note: All PayPal payments and credit cards will be processed as they are received. Full payment is necessary for the application to be considered.
  • Vendor applicants not accepted into the fair will receive a FULL refund of their application and food permit fees.
  • Your GGF Account Vendor Profile will display the current status of your application.
  • The vendor application deadline for the Green Gifts Fair is August 1st, 2018 at 11:59 pm.
  • After August 1st, all applications are thoroughly reviewed and vetted by our vetting team.
  • Vendor applicants will receive notification of acceptance by mid-August 2018. For those not approved, a full refund will be sent out by September 1, 2018.

For more information contact Green Gifts Fair Help at

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