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A New Approach to Car Ownership
Philipp Muessig Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance Car sharing is the organized use of one or more cars with other people. It’s a way to have a car when you really need one, while relying on cheaper alternatives for other trips. Car sharing is designed to save you money and lessen your impact on the city and ...

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Photo by Flicker User Roderick EimeRecently, our next door neighbor’s 15 year old garage door opener broke. They went to the store to buy a new one and discovered that garage door technology has changed a lot in the past decade. Openers ...

wedding-1246897__180Your partner proposed and you joyfully accepted! Your planning is well under way, but you are both concerned with the impact a large party will have on the environment. No worries! Here are a few ways to ...

Free-Sunshine-Photo-360x260As temps continue to rise this summer, people are looking to stay cool while remaining both financially responsible and dedicated to the preservation of Mother Earth. Here are a few cooling suggestions that are environmentally friendly as ...

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