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The question "Paper or plastic?" has become a routine part of our grocery shopping experience. Maybe you answer that question automatically, without even thinking. Or maybe you pause, wondering, "Which is better for the environment?" The answer is:...
Is it possible for one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota to be sustainable? The City of Woodbury has committed to try. In March 2006, Woodbury's Energy Conservation Task Force invited polar explorer Will Steger to speak to the community...
Any parent whose child has surprised them by echoing their speech knows that kids emulate the adults around them. Simply by modeling responsible behavior, adults can inspire children to take green action. In addition, we can engage children in...

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Sunday, August 3rd 2:00-3:30pm
Midtown Global Market Conference Room (lower level)
920 E Lake St., Minneapolis

Bring in your unwanted clothes and swap them for new-to-you items.  Clean clothing, shoes, and accessories for any age, gender, and size are welcome.  Any leftovers will be donated to charity. We will also be hosting a seed swap at the same time.  Bring your labeled extra seeds to exchange with others. This is a free event, but please consider making a freewill monetary donation in support of Do It Green! Minnesota’s sustainability programming.

More details can be found here.


Recent Blog Posts

photo of child gardening

Gardening with Kids

My five year old son and I have enjoyed gardening together since he was little. We created our first garden in our front yard (where the sunlight was best), and it turned out to be the best place ever! We checked every morning when we went outside to play and each time we left to go somewhere. He even offered samples to our neighbors, who didn’t even know what kale was. At the young age of two, he began taste testing the herbs and grabbing a mint leaf on his way to school!


Solar Innovations

In our last blog entry, our Web & Social Media Manager David wrote about wind energy, which got me thinking about another popular form of renewable energy- solar.  In a way, solar is the most basic form of energy, since the plant life on earth is fueled by the sun, and those plants in turn allow animals to prosper.  And let’s not forget the heat from the sun that makes the Earth a pleasant place to live!


Solar might be an ancient form of energy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also an exciting and innovative one.  If you go to your local hardware or home improvement store, you’ll find small scale solar panels along with numerous gadgets like solar phone chargers and camping lanterns.  Talk to someone interested in green appliance and remodeling, and they might tell you about the pros and cons of active vs. passive solar water heaters.  A visit to the public library or a neighborhood bookstore will reveal a variety of recent books on these topics, highlighting the rising popularity of solar power.


screen shot of Windsource website

The Power of Wind Energy

It's summer, and I'm looking forward to storms.  I'm a storm spotter for Metro Skywarn, the "eyes in the skies" for the National Weather Service.  You may remember the severe wind storms of June 21-23, 2013. Trees were down all over the metro and up to 600,000 Xcel Energy customers were without power at any one given time.  With those storms came strong, damaging winds.  And in that wind is energy.

The hills of southwest Minnesota are home to dozens of wind energy farms.  On a recent flight to Denver, I saw miles upon miles of wind farms in the flight over the foothills.  It is one of the easiest forms of energy to generate, and wind-powered anythings are found throughout history.  One thing I've done to reduce my carbon footprint is to sign up for the Windsource program from Xcel Energy at <>.  For just a few extra dollars a month, my bill resources are directed towards renewable wind energy sources.


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