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The decline of honey bees has received much public interest in the last two years, as an event called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) continues to sweep through the US leading to high losses of honey bee colonies. This winter, an estimated 35% of US...
¿Te gusta pagar más cada mes por la factura de energía? Claro que no. El gobierno de los EEUU apoya el programa Energy Star que reconoce los electrodomésticos que tienen el mejor rendimiento de energía en el mercado.
We are assured that we are richer than ever before and getting richer by the day. According to the official wisdom, even though richer, we can no longer afford what we once took for granted. How is this possible?

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African American Environmental Leaders

February 1, 2016

February is Black History Month, and while it’s important that we remember and honor the contributions of African American year-round, this month is certainly an appropriate time to think about the African Americans who have had a substantial role in environmental history

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Become a Citizen Scientist this Winter

January 13, 2016

As the weather is finally starting to feel like winter, many Minnesotans are looking forward to some outdoor winter fun, while others are curling up indoors and staying warm. Regardless of whether you want to stay inside or venture out into the cold, consider joining a citizen science project and contributing to conservation and our understanding of the environment.

Citizen science is when members of the public become involved in conducting authentic scientific research, and it has a large role in environmental monitoring, meteorology, and studying wildlife and habitat conservation. Many people are familiar with citizen science initiatives like monitoring water quality in local streams or reporting observations of butterflies.  But those activities primarily happen during the summer; what can you do to get involved in citizen science right now?


Swap with Do It Green! MN

December 21, 2015

Recently, I was pulling together some data on the 2015 Do It Green! clothing and seed swaps, and I was amazed to see how much success we had this year! Combined, our two swaps had almost 200 people attend, and they brought over 900lbs of clothing! About half of that was swapped, meaning it went home with someone that day, and half was left over and donated to charity. Just thinking about reusing that many pieces of clothing and accessories instead of having them be thrown away puts a smile on my face. After Minnesota law was changed in May to legalize seed sharing, swaps through our Seed Library Project took off as well; we participated in over a dozen community events and sent out 10 starter kits to individuals and community groups who wanted to start their own seed library.


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