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There is little agreement about the definition of a community garden, probably because the most important goal of such places is to create a healthy community rather than a healthy crop of flowers, vegetables or fruit trees. Betsy Johnson of Garden...
Pedestrians are people who get to places by walking and most of us act in that role at least some of the time. Walking provides us with healthy exercise and is typically more efficient for short trips or errands. When compared to driving, it also...
Minnesota. The name says it all: the land of sky blue waters. The place where prairies, forests, rivers, lakes, and valleys create a stunning tapestry on the land. A place where legend has a foothold in Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox. Where we...

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food and display items at the fair

Have fun at the fair (and learn something too)!

August 25, 2014

As the summer draws to an end, many here in Minnesota will be making a trip to the State Fair, and many others will have already attended a county fair.  County and state fairs offer a wide variety of food, games, and entertainment, but they’re also a wonderful learning environment.  They provide visitors with the chance to meet new people, explore exhibits, and get information on a whole host of topics.  Whether you’re at the State Fair, a local fair, or even visiting a fair out of state, keep your eyes open for some of these great opportunities:

photo of a lake

Watershed Management Basics

August 11, 2014

In Minnesota, there are several different organizations that work together to manage and protect our water resources.  The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Pollution Control Agency (PCA) are two organizations that many of us are familiar with.  But have you heard of watershed districts (WD) or watershed management organizations (MWO)?

drawing of a radio tower

Low Power Community Radio

July 28, 2014

I’ve loved local radio since I was a kid listening to the “goings-on” in my tiny town. As an adult I carried that interest to New Orleans where the community radio station started in the storeroom above Tipitina’s music stage. They’d drop a mic down through a hole for broadcast.  Then I moved to St. Louis, where 88.1, Double Helix, began in the old Gaslight Square district. You rarely knew what they’d be doing, but it was always interesting. From humble beginnings, both stations have become integral parts of these communities. 

A low power, non-commercial, community radio station* can play a unique role by promoting local civic and cultural participation by all, including the underserved populace.  It is a place where people from all parts of a city can express themselves. Diverse voices speak and a free marketplace of ideas flourishes, helping audiences better understand each other and participate in the process rather than remaining mere consumers of sight, sound, and information.


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