How Our Food Choices Effect the Planet

By Heidi Meyer

There are many ways to be a conscious consumer and to leave a smaller footprint on our planet. One thing we all buy a lot of is food. We all have to eat! With seemingly endless trips to the grocery store week after week, we vote with our dollars as …

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The Best Way to Begin Your Zero Waste Journey

By Kate Marnach from Tare Market

Have you heard the phrase “zero waste” before? If not, you’re not alone, but this trash-free movement is quickly gaining traction around the world, thanks to the realization that we are steadily drowning the planet in trash. Over the past few decades, we have all heard talk about switching to …

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Going Solar: Our New Love for the Sun

By the Kabat Family

In early Spring, 2016, our family began the process of going solar! It wasn’t until October of that year, however, that our 28 solar panels were in place on our roof and turned on. The wait for our panels was excruciating at times; a very slow but steady process. But …

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Johanna’s Green Journey

By Johanna Holub, Bellmont Partners

My name is Johanna Holub, and I’m a senior account executive at Bellmont Partners, a public relations agency in Edina. I haven’t always been a sustainably-minded person, but in the last few years I have been trying to be less wasteful and to be a better steward of the environment. …

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