Reduce Paper Waste at the Office

Office paper is highly recyclable, but reducing or preventing paper waste is even more cost effective than recycling. Some ideas for reducing office paper waste: Double-sided copying and printing. Reusing paper. Keep a collection box by the copy machine for bad copies so the second side can be reused. Make …

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Recycle Your Paper Products

Most people don’t realize it, but one way to reduce global warming is to recycle paper products. Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees. Each tree helps reduce global warming by capturing and holding carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. Remember your bottles and cans, too—any recycling you do …

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Green Your Laundry

Green laundry practices are good for the environment and for your wallet! Use cold water, wash only when clothes are dirty, line dry clothes year round, buy concentrated laundry detergent in refillable containers, use non-chlorine bleach, and purchase Energy Star appliances when possible. Check out our full list of green …

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Install a Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating is one of the least publicized but most cost-effective renewable energy options. According to Windy Dankoff of Conergy, solar water heaters capture six times more energy than solar electric at a third the cost. Read our full article on Solar Water Heaters for more information.

Get Your Mayor Involved

More than 600 cities nationwide are not waiting for federal action on climate change—they are taking matters into their own hands. The U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement is one way cities are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and urging government to take action. Read more about the agreement here,  plus …

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Get Engaged!

Individuals’ actions are important in setting sound policy, so become an engaged citizen. Whether you call your legislator’s office, testify in a legislative hearing or attend a rally, you can make your voice heard. Still doubt that you can make a difference? This article addresses couple common concerns about whether …

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Keep Learning

Minnesota is a national leader in environmental education and offers a number of resources to help you stay on top of the latest information. This article offers brief descriptions of some of Minnesota’s key environmental education programs, publications and organizations.

Learn from St. Paul

Wondering what our state’s capitol city is doing about climate change? The city is committed to making St. Paul “The Most Livable City in America” and a leader in sustainable urban living. To accomplish this, the city concentrates on energy efficiency and conservation, clean energy supply, alternative fuels, transportation options, …

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