Thank you for attending the 11th Annual Green Gifts Fair! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Animal Rescue

Colleen Meyer Coalition for Animal Rights Education Includes Listing of No-Kill Animal Shelters Animal rescue is an all-encompassing word to describe humans helping animals in distress. This includes dogs, cats, wildlife and farm animals. For some, animal rescue is a consistent activity by groups or individuals, for others a spur … Read more

Green Birthday Gifts

Dan Marshall/Amee Whittaker Peapods/The Green Goober In generations past, children had fewer toys and their playland was the back yard and surrounding community. Families had less disposable income, and gifts were often handmade. Today, many children actually have their own playroom full of toys, gadgets, dolls and vehicles. Between birthdays … Read more

Raising Green Kids

ELIZABETH K. ANDRE Education Consultant, Will Steger Foundation Any parent whose child has surprised them by echoing their speech knows that kids emulate the adults around them. Simply by modeling responsible behavior, adults can inspire children to take green action. In addition, we can engage children in active participation by … Read more

Timeless Games

Sara Grochowski Do It Green! Minnesota Unstructured play (not including video games!) helps children weave together all the elements of life as they experience it. It provides an outlet for their creativity, and is an absolutely critical part of childhood. Before electronic games such as Playstation, Xbox and now the … Read more

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