Own, Rent, Borrow and Repair

Sara Grochowski Do It Green! Minnesota Before the commercial revolution of the 19th century, the problem in the U.S. economy was often that of production. The transition away from agrarianism toward industrialization meant that the problem became that of consumption. According to some analysts, consumer spending represents two-thirds of the …

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Waste? What’s the Problem?

Angie Timmons Hennepin County Environmental Services The average Minnesotan generates more than seven pounds of waste per day or more than a ton annually! Companies are producing more goods than ever before, and we are consuming goods at a faster rate than ever. From convenient single-serving containers that use more …

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Why Buy Recycled?

Reprinted from “Why Buy Recycled” Published by Anoka County Recycling is more complex than just collecting materials to keep them out of the waste stream. Recyclables must be made into new products and then to “close the recycling loop” they must be purchased and recycled again. You support recycling by …

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