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From Wasteful Tourist to Ecotraveler

Jessie Houlihan Do It Green! Minnesota The convenience of tourism, complete with tiny non-recyclable toiletries, gas-guzzling airplanes and over-packaged fast food, leads to an accumulation of waste. In order to revamp travel into a more sustainable practice, we must abandon the traditional idea of tourism and adopt a new goal … Read more

Living With Wildlife

Gail Buhl Education Program Manager, The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota and Independent Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator The Raptor Center and other wildlife rehabilitators in Minnesota receive hundreds of phone calls every year regarding injured wildlife. We also receive numerous phone queries on what to do because some species … Read more

Responsible Recreation Through “Silent Sports”

Jenny Keto Midnight Sun Adventure Company Last night the snow fell lightly whispering through the air like a million tiny silver spiders dangling from their threads — a perfect night for cross country skiing! I accepted the night’s invitation and headed to the trail. I let my skis lead the … Read more

Sports & Recreational Activities That are Damaging to the Environment

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Minnesota and excerpts from the National Audubon Society, Almanac of the Environment Off-Road Vehicles For many back country hikers, bird-watchers and cross-country skiers, aggravation is spelled “ORV”. Off-road vehicles shatter the wilderness silence, crush vegetation, terrify wildlife, leave rutted trails, and cause erosion. There are … Read more

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