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Eco Sports

The more time we spend in urban environments, the more important it is to get away from life as we know it and venture into the great outdoors. Outdoor sports and recreation do much more than simply promote mind and body wellness. Being out and active in nature facilitates our connection with the world around us, even if our time investment extends to just a few moments every day.

Although you might assume that outdoor recreation is 100% environmentally friendly, the commercialization of the sports industry and sporting events over the last several years has birthed various forms of outdoor recreational activity that are not necessarily synonymous with protecting the environment.

The good news is that in recent years, we are becoming more aware of these trends and are gradually beginning to assess our environmental impact of organized sporting events. The Olympic movement for example, plans the lifecycle of each Olympic Games several years in advance, taking measures to minimize its environmental footprint and maximize the efficient use of resources. But you don’t have to wait for the Olympic Games in your effort to go green with outdoor sports and recreation. The articles in this section will help you to understand what eco-friendly recreation is and will give you ideas and tips to help you on your way to greening your outdoor footprint.

Eco Sports

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