Team Members

Team members share the changes they are making in Minnesota:

Alyssa Prokott

The change I am making in Minnesota is to bring more people into the conversations around changing our lifestyle habits. Every voice has value.

Crystal Erickson

The change I am making in Minnesota is small and endless simultaneously. Small, because an individual can only do so much, and endless, because being part of a community means having the power create lasting change on any scale.

David Riviera

The change I am making in Minnesota is giving the sustainability community a voice to share ideas to promote a greener tomorrow.

Josie Pivec

The change I’m making in Minnesota is taking individual steps to help unite my community in becoming a better and greener place to live: when we all take small steps, together we can run.

Kristine Kvamme

Kristine is a graduate of Beloit College and has worked at a variety of non-profits in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. She is passionate about community issues and sustainability, and is especially interested in recycling, composting and eating locally. Kristine recently joined the Master Water Stewards program through the Minnehaha Creek Watershed…

Nicole Gostomski

The change I am making in Minnesota is to help inspire others to continuously learn, grow and live more sustainably and ambitiously than the day before.

Susan McNichols

The change I am making in Minnesota is striving to improve every day and using this as an example to influence others to take small steps to do what they can to improve.

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