Board Members

Board members share the changes they are making in Minnesota:

Ami Voeltz

The change I am making in Minnesota is helping others to connect to the natural world through getting outdoors to feed our spirit and gain a better understanding of our connection to everything around us.

Andy Schakel

The change I am making in Minnesota is to model green living and an active lifestyle.

Carla Inderrieden

At a very young age, Carla knew she loved the outdoors and wanted to make a career of protecting the natural world. Carla went on to study environmental science at the University of Minnesota and urban and rural geography and forestry at the University of Wales, Bangor. She worked for…

Daphne Orlando

My passion for making a difference in Minnesota is manifested in providing information on why eco-fashion matters, what is the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and what one can do about it. I try to be a living example in my business and personal choices.

Heidi Meyer

Ever since Heidi learned of the world’s environmental problems as a child she wanted to be part of the solution and is very excited to be part of the Do It Green! team. She graduated from St. Olaf College with a degree in biology and environmental studies. She has been…

Kelly Bloedorn

I am making a change in Minnesota by providing a resource to my community for proper recycling and composting techniques. I help to bridge the gap between the community (including businesses and individuals) and Hennepin County to overcome waste reduction barriers. I try to set an example by practicing zero waste to the best of my ability.

Nicole Biagi

I am making a change in Minnesota by educating our youth about nature and sustainability, as well as helping them to build a connection with the environment around them.


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