Shanthi Suresh

  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: During all seasons in Minnesota, I go for walking, jogging, running, biking and bird watching with my family including my pet Spike.
  • Green Living Tip: I carry a reusable kit which is a small cloth bag contains stainless steel box, spoon, fork, straw and cup. That way, I could save the planet for future generation by not throwing unsustainable products into landfill or ocean which indirectly saves the animals and natural resources. Why not carry a reusable kit instead of power bank?
  • Most Recent Green Change You Made: I try my best to buy eco-friendly products. That is how I give back respect to Mother Nature. I always use cloth bags for groceries.
  • Favorite Book: Inconspicuous Consumption by Tatiana Schlossberg.
  • Why you love Do It Green! Minnesota: The awareness that the organization provide to the community is fantastic. The Green Gift Fair is a place, finds and encourages local green business, to learn and educate about green lifestyle.

From childhood I learned from my grandmother and mother how to save rainwater and use it for cleaning the utensils & house and watering the garden. I also learned to switch off the light when coming out of the room. That way, we save the electricity as well as the natural resource. As I grew up, these small respect to nature made me think more about green lifestyle which became my second nature. One of the conscious decisions that I make is to buy only glassware, mud pot and stainless utensils for kitchen. I would like to educate and spread the awareness of eco-living through Do It Green organization as well.

Hobbies: I post videos of Minnesota state parks and simple tips how to be eco-friendly and close to nature. I customize/modernize Indian recipes for today’s generation and post videos in youtube channel @


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