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Erika Rood
Do It Green! Minnesota

The Do It Green! Eco Party Kit was created by Do It Green! Minnesota in conjunction with the City of Minneapolis Climate Change Grant Program and the Minnesota Energy Challenge in 2008. The Eco Party Kit is filled with fun, educational activities and games for adults and kids that focus on climate change and energy conservation.

The kit offers many different ways to bring your community, friends, and family together to learn about climate change, their personal impact, and tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint. There are games and activities that all ages can enjoy. They are great for groups that meet regularly or are meeting for the first time.

The Eco Party Kit includes the following:

  • Low Waste Event Planning Checklist
  • Inconvenient Truth Movie Night Guide
  • Home Energy Audit Checklist
  • Do It Green! Board Game (a play on Sorry!)
  • Eco Crazy Eights / Enviro Pictionary / Charades

In 2009 Do It Green! Minnesota expanded the Eco Party Kit to include games emphasizing low carbon food choices to coincide with our Food Print Cook Off events.

The Food Print Kit includes the following:

  • Eco Wiggle—a game similar to Twister; however, it aims to teach about Minnesota’s seasonal produce.
  • Food Print Shopping Guide Wallet Cards
  • Lower Your Food Print Poster

Host Your Own Eco Party!

The kits are available for you or your group to check out at our Do It Green! Resource Center inside the Twin Cities Green retail store. All the activities, guides, templates, and instructions are also downloadable online for Do It Green! Minnesota members.

For more details, to download activities or to become a Do It Green! Minnesota member, visit

Host an Eco Party

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