Heavy Metal Toxins: Outside and Inside

Gina Temple-Rhodes Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, Duluth, MN Lead and Mercury. Toxic Heavy Metals. Brain toxins. Do these sound like far-away problems for scientists to ponder? Guess again. Both mercury and lead can often be found in our own kitchens, homes and even grocery stores. Exposure to these heavy …

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Sustainable Fishing Tips

Amanda Baribeau Minnesota Pollution Control Agency One area where anglers can make a difference is in what they choose for tackle. Lead is a toxic metal that has adverse effects on the nervous and reproductive systems of mammals and birds. Found in most fishing jigs and sinkers, this metal is …

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Is Your Garden Soil Leaded?

Katrina Edenfeld If you are planning to start a vegetable garden or if you have one already, you may be wondering what’s in your soil and is it healthy enough to grow food in it? The University of Minnesota (UMN) Soil Testing Laboratory offers tests for lead as well as …

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