Houseplant Health Care

Robert Mugaas University of Minnesota Extension Educator, Environmental Horticulture Even though many of our favorite indoor plants originate in more tropical areas of the world, most are fairly adaptable to indoor environments. Houseplants provide living spaces with greenery and other colors, and they provide opportunities to learn to care for …

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Organic Lawn Care

Bob Dahm Organic Bob, LLC Lawns originated in the Middle Ages, around castles, as a place for defensive and community activities like archery practice and grazing sheep (not recommended simultaneously!). Nowadays every home is a castle; unfortunately these village greens do not come with a mob of peasants to do …

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Invest in a Cleaner, Healthier Future: Upgrading Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

John F. Neville The SEA Group If you have the resources and are going to stay in your home for a while, you may want to invest some time and money in upgrading your home to improve its energy efficiency. Over time, investments in energy conservation return big dividends in …

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