Check Windows and Doors for Energy Efficiency

Here are some easy tips for Home Energy Savings:

  • Leaky windows, doors and frames can let out the air you paid to heat or cool. Once a year, check the caulking around your windows, doors and joints to make sure everything is sealed tightly.
  • Install weather stripping around any leaky windows and doors.
  • If you use storm windows, check them each winter to be sure they provide a good seal and are not cracked.
  • If you have only single glaze windows, you can purchase do-it-yourself plastic storms that just tape into place.
  • If you use window air conditioners, take them out for the winter. If they are attached to the wall or too big to move, make sure they are well-covered with insulating material to avoid leaking a lot of your warm air.
  • If you have a fireplace, install a glass door that reduces hot air loss.

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