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Water Doesn’t Have to Kill Your Houseplants

Carl Hoffman Horticulturist It is often said that over-watering is the number one killer of houseplants. On the other hand, depriving them completely of water will have the same disastrous result. Understanding the appropriate amount of water to give to your plants can be confusing. Some people consider it a …

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Has Our Environment Become Toxic?

Sara Grochowski Do It Green! Minnesota What ever happened to stepping outside for a “breath of fresh air?” It is often said that the air inside a home could be more toxic than outside. However, it seems our environment is becoming contaminated, and scientists continually are finding links to the …

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Houseplant Health Care

Robert Mugaas University of Minnesota Extension Educator, Environmental Horticulture Even though many of our favorite indoor plants originate in more tropical areas of the world, most are fairly adaptable to indoor environments. Houseplants provide living spaces with greenery and other colors, and they provide opportunities to learn to care for …

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We are Living in Individual Ecosystems

Eleise Jones Do It Green! Magazine A home is made up of many things: foundation, structure, function, and of greatest importance, the people within its walls. A healthy home is a beautiful thing, for it implies a clean, life-supporting environment. Your home may include a whole household, or your dwelling …

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