Green Laundry Tips

Britt Carlson
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Use cold water to wash. 90 percent of the energy used by a washer is for heating water.
  • Wash only when dirty. Most pants and some shirts can be worn two to three times before washing.
  • Line dry clothes year round. A large drying rack will make this easy and convenient. The U.S. Department of Energy rates clothes dryers as the second biggest user of household energy.
  • Buy concentrated laundry detergent in refillable containers. This cuts down on shipping weight and garbage.
  • Use non-chlorine bleach to keep whites white. Chlorine bleach is a lung and eye irritant. It also kills beneficial bacteria and is not recommended for home septic systems.
  • When purchasing a washer, choose Energy Star appliances which use significantly less water and electricity than standard washers.
Laundry Tips

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