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How Curbside Composting Can Help Get us to Zero Waste

Eureka Recycling Imagine completing every day at home without generating garbage. Although you may recycle everything you can, your trash may be far from empty. Recycling is a powerful way to protect our environment and conserve resources, but it does not prevent waste entirely. By composting, you can eliminate another …

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Are Compostable Products the Answer?

Eureka Recycling Compostable (sometimes called biodegradable) cups, plates, and utensils are emerging on the market as an alternative to disposable plastic items. Most are made from corn, sugarcane, or other plant material. You see them at events; restaurants, coffee shops and co-ops are offering compostable to-go containers; and you can …

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Waste? What’s the Problem?

Angie Timmons Hennepin County Environmental Services The average Minnesotan generates more than seven pounds of waste per day or more than a ton annually! Companies are producing more goods than ever before, and we are consuming goods at a faster rate than ever. From convenient single-serving containers that use more …

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Myths & Truths

Eureka Recycling Doesn’t the symbol on the bottom of my plastic mean it’s recyclable?   Not necessarily! The little number enclosed in “chasing arrows” is actually a code stamped on by the plastics industry to indicate a base-resin number, not a recycling symbol. Resin codes range from #1 to #7, but there …

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Zero Waste Event Planning Checklist

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Minnesota Use this guide when planning any event from an office meeting to a large public event. To download this list online, visit Reducing Waste: Purge mailing lists to eliminate invalid addresses or duplicate mailings. Paper: Use backsides of paper for drafts, use paper …

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