The Best Way to Begin Your Zero Waste Journey

Have you heard the phrase “zero waste” before? If not, you’re not alone, but this trash-free movement is quickly gaining traction around the world, thanks to the realization that we are steadily drowning the planet in trash. Over the past few decades, we have all heard talk about switching to …

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Healthy Schools Projects

Linda Countryman Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – Prevention & Assistance Division Three Minnesota schools reduce pollution and save energy and money. Houston Public Schools in southeastern Minnesota, Pine Point Elementary on the White Earth Reservation, and Hutchinson High School took part in a recently finished pilot project to develop a …

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How Curbside Composting Can Help Get us to Zero Waste

Eureka Recycling Imagine completing every day at home without generating garbage. Although you may recycle everything you can, your trash may be far from empty. Recycling is a powerful way to protect our environment and conserve resources, but it does not prevent waste entirely. By composting, you can eliminate another …

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