Tips for Reducing Waste While Traveling

Do It Green! Minnesota Parts excerpted from “The less we take with us into the mountains, deserts, forests or waters, the more their spirit informs and enlivens us. We should be as reliant on our wits as much as possible and on “things” as little as possible. This means …

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From Wasteful Tourist to Ecotraveler

Jessie Houlihan Do It Green! Minnesota The convenience of tourism, complete with tiny non-recyclable toiletries, gas-guzzling airplanes and over-packaged fast food, leads to an accumulation of waste. In order to revamp travel into a more sustainable practice, we must abandon the traditional idea of tourism and adopt a new goal …

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The Myths and Facts of Eco-Tourism

Julie Trupke Rethinking Tourism Project Ecotours, adventure tours, sustainable tours, reality tours – if you are seeking a vacation alternative to Disneyland or Club Med, there are certainly plenty of options. However, how do you decide what is right for you, and what kind of vacation matches your values? Do …

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