Why Buy Recycled?

Reprinted from “Why Buy Recycled”
Published by Anoka County

Recycling is more complex than just collecting materials to keep them out of the waste stream. Recyclables must be made into new products and then to “close the recycling loop” they must be purchased and recycled again. You support recycling by purchasing products made with post-consumer recycled content. This simple but important action creates a demand for products made from materials you recycle. If recycled products are unavailable in your area, keep requesting them from stores. A persistent message will tell them your intent to buy recycled is serious. Key words to look for when shopping for products made with recyclables:

  • Recovered
  • Recycled Fibers
  • Reprocessed
  • Reused
  • Reutilized
  • Remanufactured
  • Pre-consumer
  • Post-consumer

Why buy earth-friendly products? Earth-friendly products cover a broad range. In general, they help conserve nonrenewable natural resources and have less negative impact on our air, soil, water and human and animal life. The totality of the life cycle of products from raw material through manufacturing and consumer use to disposal is considered. Read labels and become informed about the processes used to obtain and produce the goods you buy. Key words to look for when shopping for earth-friendly products:

  • Chemical-free
  • Earth-conscious
  • Natural
  • Nonpolluting
  • Nontoxic
  • Organic
  • Energy-conserving
  • Environmentally safe

The following catalogs and websites offer both products made from recyclables and earth-friendly products: Abundant Earth www.AbundantEarth.com 888-51-earth 1500+ natural, organic, recycled, refabricated, energy-conserving & health-related products Aurora Glass www.auroraglass.org 888-291-9311 Handcrafted works of arts from recycled glass Bedrock Industries www.bedrockindustries.com 877-283-7625 Recycled glass gift & home products Brush Dance www.brushdance.com 800-531-7445 Inspiring cards & gifts to nourish the body, mind & spirit Building For Health Materials Center www.buildingforhealth.com 800-292-4838 Healthy, environmentally sound building materials, appliances & home comforts By The Yard 952-492-2777 Maintenance-free outdoor furniture from recycled plastic milk jugs DesignTex 800-221-1540 Pre- and post-consumer upholstery & drapery materials, wallcoverings & panel systems Earth Friendly Products www.ecos.com 800-335-ECOS Natural and nontoxic laundry products; bulk available Ecologic, Inc. www.ecoloft.com 800-899-8004 Outdoor furniture made from recycled materials Gardener’s Supply Company www.gardeners.com 888 833 1412 Earth-friendly, garden-tested pest controls, trellises, planters, greenhouses & more Gardens Alive www.gardensalive.com 513 354-1483 Organic garden products Harmony www.gaiam.com 877-989-6321 Healthy Environments 800-511-7732 Health-safe, earth-friendly home products Healthy Home Center www.healthyhome.com 800-583-9523 Natural and nontoxic materials for building & remodeling Home & Planet www.homeandplanet.com 877-966-1009 Earth-friendly furnishings Home Environment www.home-environment.com 877-2514905 Earth-conscious home products Lifekind Naturally Safer Products www.lifekind.com 800-284-4983 Chemical-free mattresses & bedding KIOSK Design www.greenculture.com 800-233-8438 Cardboard chairs, coffeetables & bookcases Natural Spaces www.naturalspaces.com 877-877-4929 Recycled and natural products for the home Nirvana Safe Haven www.nontoxic.com 800-968-9355 Nontoxic & organic mattresses & bedding One Spirit www.onespirit.com 800-955-5988 Patagonia www.patagonia.com 800-638-6464 R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co., Inc. (Pilot Rock Park Equipment) www.pilotrock.com 800-762-5002 100% recycled content benches, tables & seats Real Goods www.realgoods.com 800-919-2400 Products for your healthy home and planet since 1978 Safecoat 800-697-5371 Nontoxic, nonpolluting paints, stains, sealers, coatings & other building materials The Natural Choice 800-621-2591 The Vermont Country Store 802-362-2400 Weather-Bros www.weatherbos.com 800-664-3978 Environmentally safe paints & finishes Ask your favorite stores to stock both recycled products and nonhazardous products. See GOODS & SERVICES: Cooperatives list for stores that are dedicated to providing products which preserve natural resources and are kind to the environment. Anoka County staff obtained information for this brochure by researching various directories, along with telephone verification. It is not intended to be an endorsement of any business listed. Any omissions or inaccuracies are unintentional. See Also: Arts: Used Items Arts: Building

Why Buy Recycled

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