Natural Bug Repellent

By Jian Kettunen

It’s already the middle of summer and you know what that means! Outdoor fun can be hampered by annoying bugs. Commercial bugspray is often full of nasty chemicals such as deet, so many people are looking for more natural ways to repel bugs. Natural, homemade bug repellent recipes rely on …

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Taking Action On Climate Change

By Kristine Kvamme

It’s no secret that the political climate has changed in the United States. The new administration in Washington brings a lot of uncertainty about the future of the environment and climate change. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all this upheaval, and by all the different issues that need our …

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Green Cooling Options to Beat the Heat

By Libby Bottem

As temps continue to rise this summer, people are looking to stay cool while remaining both financially responsible and dedicated to the preservation of Mother Earth. Here are a few cooling suggestions that are environmentally friendly as well as cost effective. #1. Keep it Closed- The cheapest green option is …

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