Taking Action On Climate Change

By Kristine Kvamme

It’s no secret that the political climate has changed in the United States. The new administration in Washington brings a lot of uncertainty about the future of the environment and climate change. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all this upheaval, and by all the different issues that need our attention. How can we take the lead to make sure the fight to save the planet doesn’t get lost in the noise and chaos?

Now is the time for us to face climate change head on. Now is the time for us to become empowered to have difficult conversations about climate change with our friends, family, neighbors and elected officials. Let’s get involved at the local level with efforts for clean water, clean energy, conservation, and pollinator protection. Let’s make connections with people and organizations in our communities. Let’s start making plans together and let’s resolve now to act and to make our voices heard. We can’t afford to wait. We need to do this together.

Resources and Ideas:

Find out What’s the Best Way to Convince a Climate Change Denier? – from Science Friday.

Take your panic over the environment and turn it into real action from Upworthy.

Plan to join with other Minnesotans on Minnesota Water Action Day for a day of public action and advocacy to let lawmakers know we care about our water.

Call and write your representatives on a regular basis to let them know your views on the environment. Hold them accountable for their votes.

Join a conservation group like Sierra Club, Friends of the Mississippi RiverAudubon Minnesota, and the Izaak Walton League, and get involved in advocacy.

Become a Master Recycler/Composter or a Master Water Steward.  Attend the Institute for Non-Formal Climate Change Education. Learn from others and work together to make a real difference in your community.

Stay informed. Read articles, follow organizations on social media, and attend events. Invite a friend to join you. Introduce people in your circle to others in order to create more connections.

Practice what you preach: Make green living a priority for yourself and your family. Talk to others in your community for ideas and inspiration.

Read up on How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind from Medium.com.

Celebrate your accomplishments. Take time to enjoy the natural world in order to renew and to remember what we’re fighting to preserve!

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