Little Free Libraries

By Eva Lewandowski

Now that summer is here, I’ve noticed more and more people have put their Little Free Libraries up in their yards.  Seeing them as I walk around my neighborhood always puts a smile on my face because they combine three of my favorite things:  books, reuse, and community-building. Little Free …

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Gardening for Wildlife

By Eva Lewandowski

May is Gardening for Wildlife Month, and I’d like to take the opportunity to remind people that the term wildlife encompasses more than just birds and butterflies.  Too often, when people think about wildlife or biodiversity in their garden, those two groups are the only things that come to mind.  …

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Community Participation at University Events

By Eva Lewandowski

A few weeks ago, I participated in the University of Minnesota’s Sustainability Symposium.  It was a wonderful event that brought undergraduates and graduate students from multiple University of Minnesota campuses to the Saint Paul campus to share the work they’ve done with sustainability. As a Conservation Biology graduate student at …

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