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June 15, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Is 2020 the year for you to build intentional community with like-minded folks? Find out about how we intend to build a better model of living at our Seedling Ecovillage through:

* Regenerative relationships with the land
* Sustainable homes, water reuse, composting, and permaculture farming
* Intergenerational community
* Shared spaces and micro-economies
* Natural beauty and whimsy

Our 101 Information Session is a presentation of our plan to build a Regenerative Ecovillage Community within 1 hour of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. If you have already attended Info. Session 101 and still want to learn more, please register for one of our Seedling Social Events.

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For more information, visit: Seedling Ecovillage Information Session

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