Climate Generation Zero Waste Challenge

March 11, 2019 March 20, 2019 All Day -

Join Climate Generation staff as they embark on a Zero Waste Challenge for ten days in March! March 11–20, we will try to live up to the hashtag #CGwastewatchers by making deliberate choices about our consumption.

Why would a climate change organization focus on zero waste, you may ask?

  1. Many single-use packaging items contain toxins that leach into food and water.
  2. Plastic pollution in our waterways is becoming more difficult to clean up and more hazardous to wildlife, fresh drinking water, ecosystems, and our bodies.
  3. Extracting more oil, building more pipelines, and producing more plastic is only going to increase pollution and accelerate the effects of climate change.
  4. One of our favorite reads of the year, Drawdown, lists focusing on solutions around our use of materials, including recycling, composting, and reducing food waste, would result in 111.78 GIGATONS REDUCED CO2 and $1.04 TRILLION NET OPERATIONAL SAVINGS globally!
  5. Collective action is just plain fun!

For more information, visit: Climate Generation Zero Waste Challenge

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