May 2019: Green Spring Cleaning

We focused on buying environmental cleaning products and donation methods. Here are the main points and provided links for your convenience.

  • Clean Cult: natural, eco-friendly cleaning supplies subscription. Zero-waste refills with carbon off-setting shipments
  •  Green paper towels
    • Bamboo Towels (durable,  super absorbent and machine washable)
    • Unpaper Towels (cloth towels)
    • Reusable towels made from old clothes, cut up bigger towels or etc
  •  Dish scrubber
  •  Grove products,
    • Eco friendly household, personal care, baby, kids, and pets products with carbon off-setting shipments
    • Portion of all sales go to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees across the US
  •  Norwex products
    • Natural, eco-friendly, reusable cleaning products, usually just add water
    • Cleaning products for the bathroom, kitchen, cars, personal care, etc
  •  Donating/ Selling Items
    • Clothes- Second hand store
    • Fabrics (ripped clothes, towels, blankets, etc)
      • US Again Bins (Link brings you to the Minneapolis drop box locations)
    • Miscellaneous items to sell
      • Let Go, the app and website to sell used items
      • Facebook Marketplace
    • Technology donation centers
  • Fixing broken items
  • Green Cleaning Recipes

We hope this helps you live a more sustainable life! For more resources on going green read our Green Living Articles and Green Tips.


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