October 2019: Green Future

Location: Peace Coffee Shop (Wonderland Park), 3262 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

The future is now. Technology plays a huge role in our society, our politics and our environment. Let’s discuss and ponder how we can use our technological advancements to save the world in which we love.

We are confronted with the task of considering how this technological advancement could benefit the green movement. We will discuss the future of green technology as well as our role in utilizing it to save the world in which we live.

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Futures LLC:
Futures exists to promote the philosophical perspective around the future of technology. Technology change is one of the primary movers of individual human life, government, society, and culture writ large. As the pace of technology change accelerates, the impact on human life becomes more immediate and profound, and we are confronted daily with questions about the future, both privately and socially. We are motivated to ask where technology change is leading us, how it will impact our lives, and what does it all mean. We are motivated to ask, as H. G. Wells once pondered, about the shape of things to come.

Green Coffee Talks:
Are you looking to “Go Green” or to grow your green community? Come meet/collaborate with other like-minded, eco-friendly people! We’ll discuss how to overcome the challenges of staying Green and share tips/resources on eco-friendly options! Each meeting has a specific topic to learn about, but the conversations go with the flow. Green Coffee Talks are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at varying locations around the Twin Cities. Post to this event to suggest a location or topic for upcoming events.


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