What is “Post-Consumer” Paper?

Dianna Kennedy
Eureka Recycling

100% Post-consumer Recycled Content

Paper made from 100% post-consumer waste is produced entirely from paper that comes directly out of your office or home recycling bin. Using post-consumer recycled paper helps eliminate the need for harvesting more virgin materials, and also creates a demand for the paper we recycle, thereby closing the recycling loop.

Processed Chlorine-Free

Rolland Enviro 100 is the only paper on the market that is certified processed chlorine-free (PCF) and endorsed by a third party organization, the Chlorine Free Products Association. Whitening paper without the use of chlorine or chlorine compounds eliminates the discharge of dioxin, a potent cancer-causing gas, as well as other pollutants that contaminate water.

When choosing paper for your office, home or school, look for the highest percentage of post-consumer content and processed chlorine-free papers. Most recycled copy paper has only 30% post-consumer content. Every spring and fall, Eureka Recycling coordinates a buying cooperative that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Twin Cities area to purchase recycled paper and biodegradable products at a reduced cost. Buying through our co-op is the easiest and most affordable way for you to purchase environmentally friendly copy paper, as well as compostable tableware, for yourself or your office.

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Post Consumer Paper

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