What is the Solution to Global Warming?

Global Warming 101

A Global Warming Arctic-Recent changes mean more open water during the winter season.

Before I dedicated myself full-time to the issue of global warming, I tried to understand the root of the problem. It became clear to me that people are socially disconnected from each other. If there is anything any one person can do to solve the problem it would be to first to educate yourself by reading the series of articles in this featured section on Global Warming. Secondly, start talking about the issue and you will soon find like-minded people to work with. Thirdly, form or join a Global Warming action group, committee or discussion group to discuss the problem and work on coming up with solutions. Last but not least, start taking action collectively-the more we can be engaged with one another, the greater success we will have at changing our current situation. There are many local success stories documented in these articles and ideas inside Do It Green! Magazine about how people are getting together across Minnesota-taking action in their workplace, in their homes, schools and in their communities. This is where the solution lies.

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The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, David de Rothschild, Rodale Books, 2007.
What is the Solution to Global Warming?

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