7 Reasons to be Excited About Living in the Twin Cities

Nate Dobbins

I was recently asked by a friend what I like about living in the Twin Cities, and while there are many, many more reasons than those having to do with acting sustainably, there’s plenty to be excited about in the Twin Cities green community. Here are a few:

  1. Farmer’s Markets – By the Star Tribune’s count, there are no less than 50 farmer’s markets in the Twin Cities metro area. Some – like my personal favorite, the Downtown Saint Paul Farmer’s Market – are open year-round.
  2. Co-ops – There are 12 Twin Cities area food co-ops that are dedicated to connecting the community with local food producers. Find out more at The Mix.
  3. Light rail – Aside from the currently existing light rail line in Minneapolis and the Metro Transit buses that transport all throughout the metro area, a new light rail line is set to open in 2014, connecting downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, the Midway area, the State Capitol and downtown St. Paul. There’s no shortage of options for sustainable transportation!
  4. CSAs – There’s plenty of community supported agriculture in the Twin Cities. You can check out a CSA Farm directory for the region here. You should also check out the Twin Cities Local Food marketplace!
  5. Nature recreation – Anyone living in Minnesota should already know about at least some of the parks, trails, and lakes that Minnesota has to offer; but you can learn more about them here!
  6. Community gardens – Community gardens are all over the Twin Cities – to find one near you, check out the Gardening Matters Directory.
  7. Restaurants – There are numerous sustainably-minded restaurants in the Twin Cities, and the best way to find them might just be the Do It Green! Directory!

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