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Do It Green! Minnesota

The Green Revolution is finally here and it’s coming to our homes!

We’ve all seen growth in the green building sector and have probably heard of LEED certification (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System). There are quite a few homes being built from the ground up and shown as models or examples throughout Minnesota. Yet, what can the rest of us homeowners do to remodel and live more energy and water efficient in our existing homes? What can homeowners, renters, landlords, and designers do to make existing homes more resource efficient on any budget? And what other simple actions can we take to reduce the environmental footprint of our daily lives? The Do It Green! House Team is working to realize its vision of creating a green remodeled home that will provide a community space offering ongoing education to Minnesotans about all aspects of sustainable living and green remodeling.

To achieve this vision, the Do It Green! House Team plans to remodel an existing house in the Twin Cities through a series of green upgrades. The Do It Green! House will be both a controlled experiment and a playground. We want to offer affordable and high impact remodeling and sustainable living ideas for children, individuals, and families to take home and DO! This project is an opportunity to show homeowners, builders, and students the different options available at varying levels of affordability and the relative benefits of each.

Imagine a Do It Green! House where you experience and learn about natural and energy saving practices in the home including: alternative energy sources; weatherizing, retrofits and insulation options; recycled and reclaimed building materials; energy efficient lighting displays; natural and edible landscaping options; indoor and outdoor water conservation options; energy efficient appliances; natural household products and cleaners; low/no VOC paints; recycling and composting; options for a community hybrid hour car; and eco clothing displays.

Through interactive exhibits, community workshops, and education classes, visitors will see, hear, feel and measure their way to understanding the impact and connection between our homes, our lifestyles and the environment. A resource library will offer visitors the opportunity to learn new green remodeling techniques, technologies and materials.

How you can help

The Do It Green! House Team meets monthly to focus on the project plan. Current areas of focus include finding and acquiring a suitable property, securing financial partners, and community outreach. The goal is to obtain the space in the remainder of 2008, begin planning and creating the space in 2009, and open to the public for tours in 2009 or 2010. We welcome individuals to join the team and are needing developers, builders, marketers, gardeners, energetic advocates, do-it-yourselfers and free thinkers.

To get involved or to learn more check out, or contact Ami Voeltz at 612-345-7973, or email

Do It Green! House

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