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Do It Green! Minnesota

Minnesota is a national leader in environmental education and offers a number of resources:

Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE)
MAEE is a professional organization that supports and strengthens environmental education throughout Minnesota. MAEE also represents the EE community on relevant issues and legislation.

SEEK: Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
SEEK stands for Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge and is Minnesota’s online home of environmental education (EE) resources. SEEK is a partnership of roughly 150 organizations that represent a wide variety of environmental educators in Minnesota and includes zoos, aquariums, schools, colleges, government agencies, nature centers, businesses, and non-profit organizations. In addition to sharing Partner resources, SEEK also houses Minnesota’s cornerstone EE documents, legislation, and resources.

A GreenPrint for Minnesota: State Plan for Environmental Education, Third Edition (2008)
A GreenPrint for Minnesota: State Plan for Environmental Education, Third Edition is the state plan for environmental education for 2008-2018. It was developed by the Environmental Education Advisory Board and supporting staff with input from the environmental education community. It is designed to serve those who educate, provide funds, develop programs, support efforts, and set policies that affect environmental education in Minnesota.

Environmental Literacy Scope and Sequence (2002)
The Environmental Literacy Scope and Sequence is a tool for educators that provides a systems approach to environmental education in Minnesota for pre-kindergarten through adult learners. It describes key concepts about the interaction of natural and social systems and a sequence in which they are to be taught. It also discusses benchmarks, standards, and applications for using the Scope and Sequence.

Natural Wonders: A Guide to Early Childhood for Environmental Educators (2002)
This guide is the culmination of a two-year project of the Minnesota Early Childhood Environmental Education Consortium. It was written especially for naturalists and environmental educators who are interested in learning more about how and why young children think and act. The guidelines offered here will help educators design developmentally appropriate EE programs and activities.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in learning more about environmental education in Minnesota and staying informed with the EE community, you can:


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