Strengthen Our Communities to Strengthen Sustainability

Sean Gosiewski
Alliance for Sustainability

Minnesota has some of the highest levels of social capital and volunteerism in the US However, community ties in the US have been declining for decades. With most households needing two incomes and many people working longer hours, time for neighborly pursuits can seem scarce. Perception of danger on the streets keeps many indoors. Television and other indoor pursuits are replacing face-to-face time with family and friends. When homes lack front porches and our neighborhoods lack sidewalks and nearby shopping, we spend more time isolated and sedentary in cars.

We each have people we know, love, and see on a regular basis.  Each of us can bring deeper ties, new awareness, and sustainable behaviors into our intimate networks at home, work or school, and in our neighborhood, faith communities and circles of friends. The articles in this section will help you to gain insights into healthy pathways opening into our common future. Please share them with your family and friends. The conversations you spark will accelerate our culture’s rapid shift toward sustainability.

Strengthen Sustainability

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