Birdseed & Peanut Butter Feeders

How 2 Zine

Learn to make pine cone/birdseed/peanut butter animal feeders! Make friends with the local wildlife by attracting birds and squirrels from miles around with these tasty, fat-packed treats.

What you need:

  • a few large, untreated pine cones
  • sugar-free/salt-free peanut butter
  • birdseed
  • nontoxic ribbon or string

What to do:

First, tie the string onto each pine cone. You’ll be sorry if you don’t have this to hang on to before you’re finished.

Next, spread the peanut butter into all the crevasses of the pine cones. You want to coat the outside of them as well, so you can achieve ultimate birdseed stickability.

Finally, roll each gooey thing in birdseed (try to keep the string clean so your new friends will be less inclined to chew through it on their first encounter).

Why you care:

Most suburban animals (like gray squirrels and house sparrows) live off human trash anyway. Case in point: I once saw a cute little squirrel carry an entire fried chicken drumstick up into a tree, and subsequently devour all the meat and grease off the bone. I think giving these guys a healthier alternative probably ain’t a bad idea.

Don’t worry about enticing migratory birds into unwisely staying the winter at your house. The birds that visit in winter time ( as you can notice from careful observation ) are usually just passing through and supplementing their wild diet with your offerings.

Keep in mind, your loving pets (birds, gerbils, hamsters, etc.) can appreciate these treats as well!

Bird Feeders

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