Gift Bags Made From Wallpaper

How 2 Zine
  1. Cut piece of wallpaper 10 1/4″ x 15″.
  2. On back side, mark lines with a light pencil as follows:
  3. Crease paper on horizontal and vertical lines.
  4. Fold 1″ top horizontal section over and glue in place.
  5. Cut bottom vertical lines to 2″ fold (horizontal line).
  6. Put glue on right side of 1″ vertical section. Place under wrong side of 3″ vertical end section and press to secure.
  7. Arrange bottom section. Fold under 3″ pieces first, then fold under 4″ sections.
  8. Glude bottom sections so glue does not show on outside.
  9. Punch holes at top and secure with a paper clip that has curly ribbon attached to it.

These bags may be made different sizes by cutting wallpaper pieces various sizes and adjust markings. Keep in mind the following adjustments:

  • Keep sections 1 & 3 the same width
  • Keep sections 2 & 4 the same width
  • Adjust bottom fold-under. Example: If sides are 5″, the bottom fold-under should be increased to 3″.
Gift Bags

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