Plastic Bag Holder

Sandy Voeltz

Do you need a way to help you organize all of your plastic bags so you can re-use them for shopping, diaper bags or doggie poop bags? Why not make a plastic bag holder. It’s simple to make and handy to have. 

You will need:

  • Material/fabric (or you can patch pieces of material, old shirts, or whatever, together)
  • One piece 18″ x 26-3/4″. You can use a sewing machine or sew by hand.
  • Material, one piece 5″ x 12-1/2″ for handle.
  • One button
  • One piece 3/4″ elastic x 10″ long.

Bag construction:

  1. With long sides (right sides together), stitch with 1/2″ seam (back stitch at each end).
  2. Turn tube right side out. Fold one end under 1/2″ and press, then fold down another 1 and press. Stitch close to edge of fold, leaving about an inch of opening (this will be the bottom of the bag).
  3. Attach safety pin to one end of the elastic and pull through the 1″ opening, making sure to leave both ends of the elastic hanging out of the opening.
  4. Overlap about 1″ and sew ends of the elastic together.
  5. Stitch the 1″ opening closed.
  6. Fold under 1/2″ at top of bag and press, then fold down another 1″ and press. Stitch close to edge all around.

Handle construction:

  1. Fold long sides (right sides together) and stitch with 3/4″ seam (back stitch at each end).
  2. Turn inside out, making sure seam allowances are spread open, to make for a double layer.
  3. Press so the seam runs down the middle of the back.
  4. Fold inside 1/2″ on both ends, press, then stitch closed.
  5. Sew button hole on one end of handle.
  6. Place other end of handle on the inside back seam of top of bag, and sew to attach it.
  7. Sew button to top of bag. Congratulations, project is now complete, and ready for use.

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