How Can You Become Carbon Neutral?

Sara Grochowski
Do It Green! Minnesota

For most of us, it is impossible to live life without using energy. However, the carbon dioxide generated daily, whether by driving or turning on lights, adds up quickly and contributes to global warming. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately four metric tons of carbon dioxide (almost 9,000 pounds) per person, per year, is emitted from people’s homes. That does not even include transportation emissions. Reducing carbon emissions is a critical step each of us needs to be taking in our everyday decisions and tasks. Those areas in which we simply cannot reduce our energy usage can be offset as an effective way to reduce our contribution to global warming.

To begin, you may first want to determine your actual emissions by using the EPA calculator at Search “Personal Emissions Calculator.”

Based on your results, use the articles in this guide and tips below to help you reduce your emissions:

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Help build renewable energy projects through your local utility providers.
  • Purchase carbon offsets or credits for emission reductions.
  • Plant trees, whether in your yard or somewhere around the world.
  • Stay in ‘green’ accommodations when traveling.
  • Read the following articles to find out more!
Carbon Neutral

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