What Minnesotans Can Do About Climate Change

Will Steger
Polar Explorer

As a Minnesotan, I am proud of our state’s can-do spirit. It gives individuals the ability to overcome challenges that may seem impossible. When I was young, this spirit is what inspired me to become an arctic explorer, and today it continues to push me toward new adventures. It is what also compels me to take a stand in the face of a crisis, and right now there is a global warming crisis brewing over the future of the planet.

Global warming is not speculation or theory. As an explorer I have seen first hand how vast and imposing glaciers have shrunk or disappeared in a short amount of time. For instance, in 1990 I crossed Antarctica, including the Larsen Ice Shelf, which is now almost completely gone. The Larsen A shelf disappeared in 1995 and the Larsen B shelf collapsed in March 2002 after one of the warmest summers on record. The effects of climate change are not confined to the arctic. Here in the U.S. climate change means more intense hurricanes, longer droughts, and other potentially catastrophic changes to our weather in the years ahead. In Minnesota, climate change will bring warmer summers, heavier blizzards, and the potential for flooding from more driving rain storms.

Although climate change is already a serious threat, there is still time for all of us to take action. Addressing global warming provides a unique opportunity to balance our commitment to protect the environment and create new jobs. Locally, Minnesota’s communities hold the key to fighting global warming by implementing locally-owned renewable energy. It is also vital to combat this problem nationally and challenge Congress to put a limit on carbon pollution, the biggest cause of climate change.

There is no denying climate change is a threat we have to face. Now is the time for us to summon our can-do spirit and face this crisis. I encourage you to review the contents of Do It Green! Magazine which has tips and solutions to combat global warming. This guide can help you examine your daily transportation use, evaluate your buying practices, and suggest ways to minimize your energy footprint. Do It Green! Magazine is a great resource to help us overcome a new challenge!

The Will Steger Foundation is dedicated to fostering leadership and cooperation through environmental education and policy. The Will Steger Foundation’s first initiative, www.GlobalWarming101.com, raises awareness about global warming as witnessed through Will Steger’s polar expeditions; educates about the effects of human actions upon the global climate; and empowers individual choices and grassroots efforts.

Climate Change

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