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Vonda Vaden
Northland Bioneers

The Northland Bioneers Conference, a feature of the Twin Cities calendar since 2006


The annual Fall Northland Bioneers Conference is an inspirational day or weekend-long event open to the entire community-students, teachers, workers, parents-anyone concerned for the future of the planet. Attendees listen to and learn from one other, as well as from local and regional leaders, reflect together on the beauty and wonder of the natural world that sustains our human community and connect for action to sustain our magnificent Northland environment. A special feature of the conference is the rebroadcast of plenary speeches given at the national Bioneers conference, held prior to the local conference in San Rafael, California, and now in its 22nd year. The national main stage speakers are renowned global leaders such as Jane Goodall, Amory Lovins, and Minnesota’s own Winona LaDuke; or they may be emerging leaders—young people who have caught the Bioneers spirit of reverance for nature and the cardinal Bioneers credo that “the solutions to current challenges are at hand and we can organize ourselves to champion them.” At Northland Bioneers Conference workshops, participants share their own experiences as “pioneers” in the field of environmental stewardship and gather information about how to take their next personal steps toward resilient living and advocacy for the planet. Northland Sustainable Solutions, the Minnesota non-profit organization which produces the Northland Bioneers conference, welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in helping to plan future conferences. Send an email to if you would like more information about how you can get involved.



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