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Why? Veg oasis in the land of cowboy boots, beef and hunting.
Don’t miss: Casa de Luz for scrumptious vegan macrobiotic fare.

Washington DC
Why? Home of advocacy powerhouses including HSUS, Compassion Over Killing and FARM.
Don’t miss: Java Green for a bowl of steaming noodle soup and a chat with the super-friendly owners.

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Why? Thriving college community and activism hotspot with veg restaurants galore.
Don’t miss: Ecopolitan for the Macadamia Alfredo and a glass of vegan Côtes du Rhone.

Why? Multiethnic cuisine, progressive politics, and veggie burgers at Comiskey ballpark.
Don’t miss: Chicago Diner’s Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Why? Green oasis with vegan perks like the Sidecar for Pigs Peace boutique and Flying Apron Organic Bakery.
Don’t miss: Mighty O donuts for still-warm confections in flavors like French Toast and Good Old Glazed.

Los Angeles
Why? Shiny, happy raw-foods oasis on the Pacific.
Don’t miss: M Café de Chaya for vegan crème brulée and tiramisu.

San Francisco
Why? Ethnically diverse, scenic metropolis boasting legendary Millennium Restaurant.
Don’t miss: MaggieMudd for vegan malted shakes, banana splits and ice cream sundaes.

Why? Home of the world’s largest veg food festival.
Don’t miss: Toronto Vegetarian Association’s buzzing resource center for its lending library, store, free literature and fellow veggies.

Portland, OR
Why? Home of The Herbivore Clothing Company (and magazine), Food Fight Grocery and Veloshop (vegan bike shop).
Don’t miss: Kalga Kafe for late-night dining with a cozy, romantic ambiance.

New York City
Why? Veg dining capital of North America. You want it? NYC’s got it.
Don’t miss: Atlas Café for dairy-free soft-serve ice cream and vegan crêpes.

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