Ten Things You Should Buy to Stop Waste & Save Money

Ten Things You SHOULD BUY to Stop Waste & Save Money

1. Reusable Shopping Bags: paper bags are made of virgin paper and plastic bags are not degradable
2. Faucet Aerator: reduces the water flow by half
3. Rechargeable Batteries: batteries release heavy metals into the soil
4. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: a 60 watt incandescent will last for 750 hours; a compact will generate the same light and burn for 7500 hours
5. Cloth Diapers: 1% of all American landfill space is occupied by disposable diapers, which take up to 500 years to decompose
6. Cloth Napkins: if a family of 4 used cloth napkins at every meal for a year, they would save 4,380 trees
7. Water Filter: the production, packaging, and transportation of bottled water uses an enormous amount of resources
8. Clothes that Don’t Need Dry Cleaning: dry cleaning releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere
9. In-season Local Produce: buying local produce helps sustain your community and its surrounding environment
10. Alternative Transportation One Day a Week: if only 1% of car owners in the U.S. did not drive for one day a week, we would keep 840 million pounds of C02 out of the atmosphere

Ten Things You SHOULD NEVER BUY Again

1. Styrofoam cups: not biodegradable
2. Paper Towels: wastes forest resources, use cloth towels
3. Bleached Coffee Filters: bleaching chemicals contaminate groundwater and the air
4. Over Packaged Products: waste of resources and costs more
5. Teak and Mahogany: tropical rainforests are cut down, buy certified wood
6. Chemical Pest Killers: pesticides in the groundwater poses a serious health threat
7. Chemical Glass Cleaners: contains ammonia which is poisonous, use non-toxic
8. Plastic Bags and Wrap: use Resealable bags or reusable plastic containers
9. Higher Octane Gas than You Need: the higher octane, the more hazardous pollutants are released
10. Poor Quality Shoes: too short of a life and end up in landfills
Information from 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth by The Earth Works Group, and The Green Consumer by John Elkington, Julia Hailes and Joel Makower.

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