Turning Old Into New

Kathie Armstrong

My business is based on the belief that we must value what is already here and the energy that was used to create it. I visits thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales to find things that are in need of a new life. By cleaning, fixing, and tearing them apart, I not only salvage unusable items from the landfill, but repair them to be functional and beautiful again.

I believe there is perfection in imperfection. Every scratch, nick, and dent has a story and each vintage piece I find has its own history. By repurposing vintage items into family heirlooms, I am doing what I can to be earth-friendly and save our resources.

Let’s all just take a minute and do our part in helping our planet in some small way. If we all just stopped for a minute when we were throwing things into the garbage and asked ourselves some quick questions…

  •  Can this be recycled?
  •  Can this be composted?
  •  Can anyone else use this?
  •  Can this be taken to the thrift store?
  •  Can it be taken apart to use some of its parts?

Kathie’s Finds, a local boutique in Maple Plain, Minnesota, offers a unique twist on turning what many may deem as junk into beautiful timeless treasures and gifts. She gives old blankets, belts, rugs and other sturdy items another chance by turning them into 2nd Life tote bags. She also creates a unique and cute reusable coffee sleeve called Kathie’s Cup Cozies

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Kathie’s Finds Maple, Plain, MN 952-210-3587 Kathiesfinds.com

Turning Old Into New

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