Tips to Reduce Particle Exposure

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Drive fewer miles. Bus, bike, carpool or walk more often.

Reduce exposure to idling vehicles. Cars need only 30 seconds to warm up, even in winter.

Limit wood smoke. Indoors: consider a new fireplace insert or converting to natural gas, replace woodstoves built before 1992. Outdoors: make only small recreational fires. Never burn leaves, green branches, wet wood or treated wood.

Reduce electricity use. Turn lights and appliances off when you leave the room. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce lighting energy 60-75% compared to incandescent light bulbs. Unplug appliances that are drawing unnecessary power when not in use (TV, DVD, stereo, coffeemaker).

Buy Energy Star appliances to save energy. Saving electricity reduces the amount of fossil fuels burned to create electricity.

Reducing Particle Exposure

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