Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge!

Neely Crane-Smith
Center for Energy and Environment

We’ve all heard the recent talk about global warming and wondered what we can do as individuals to make a difference. The answer is easy: take simple steps to reduce your energy use and Minnesota’s carbon dioxide emissions. Not sure where to start? The Minnesota Energy Challenge makes it easy by identifying simple actions you can take in your life that will save you money and fight climate change at the same time!

Anyone can take the Challenge—renters, homeowners, businesses—and everyone can make a difference. The Minnesota Energy Challenge helps individuals, congregations, businesses large and small, schools, neighborhoods, organizations and all communities discover their current carbon footprint and track their savings. Actions range from low-cost, no-cost solutions such as taking shorter showers, driving the speed limit or washing clothes in cold water to buying a more fuel-efficient car or replacing an old furnace with an energy efficient model.

Over 5,800 residents have already taken the Energy Challenge and have pledged to avoid over 75.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide and save over $5.2 million annually. That’s the carbon equivalent of taking over 699 cars off our roads every year! Whether you have been following energy efficiency for years or have just become concerned, the Minnesota Energy Challenge is the simplest way to discover your energy potential.

If you would like a speaker to come present the Challenge to your congregation, work, neighborhood or organization, please contact the Minnesota Energy Challenge Coordinator, Neely Crane-Smith, at ncranesmith@mncee.org or 612-335-5852.

Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge today at mnenergychallenge.org.

Minnesota Energy Challenge!

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