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It’s Easy To Bike-N-Ride With Metro Transit
Metro Transit

All Metro Transit buses and trains are equipped with bike racks, helping to expand your trip options. Racks on buses accommodate up to two bikes at a time. Each Hiawatha light-rail train car can hold four bikes. There is no additional charge for using bike racks. Those who combine biking and transit know how convenient bike racks make traveling around the Twin Cities. Metro Transit makes it easy to pedal for part of the way to your destination and ride the rest.

If you are a bus or train rider, bring your bike along! You’ll reduce your commute time and get to more places across the metro. Bringing your bike to work provides another mode to travel for errands and other purposes.

If you are a bicycle commuter, bike racks can be helpful if your bike has a flat tire or in threatening weather. Hop on the bus or train and get to work without breaking a sweat. Too tired to ride at the end of the day? Use the bike rack and take the bus or train home. Use the bike rack and bring your bike on a freeway, through a business district or travel on roadways that aren’t friendly to bicyclists.

If you are a recreational bicyclist, leave your car at home, then hop on a bus or train. Take your bike for part of your trip to parks, lakes or other destinations.

For more information-including instructions for using bike racks on buses and trains-visit and enter biking in the search tool. Read on to get inspired to make a commitment to driving less. It really does make a difference.

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