Commuter Rail is on its Way!

Beginning in late 2009, the Northstar Commuter Rail Line will
offer efficient transportation from Big Lake to downtown Minneapolis, helping
ease traffic congestion-and the resulting emissions-in one of the state’s
fastest growing travel corridors.

Trains can carry the equivalent of nearly one-and-a-half lanes of
highway traffic at peak travel times-up to 7,200 riders per day. Operating on
existing tracks, trains will reach a top speed of 79 mph.

The downtown terminal for the 40-mile line will be a station at
the new Minnesota Twins ballpark. Commuter trains will connect with Metro
Transit buses, bicycle paths and the Hiawatha light-rail line. The existing
light rail line will be extended from the Warehouse District. Northstar trains
also will serve stations in Big Lake, Elk River, Anoka, and Coon Rapids.

On weekday mornings, trains will make five southbound trips from
Big Lake to Minneapolis and one northbound trip. Travel time from end to end is
41 minutes. Each weekday afternoon, there will be five northbound trips, with
one southbound trip to Minneapolis. There will be three roundtrips scheduled on
weekends and holidays.

Passenger cars will have onboard restrooms, tables with
electrical outlets and bicycle and luggage storage. 

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Metro Transit,
Route Map:

Map courtesy of Transit for Livable Communities.

Commuter Rail

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