Human Powered Move

Eric Gustafson
Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
Corcoran Neighborhood in Minneapolis has a new resident that moved 15 miles without gasoline this last July of 2007. There was no moving van involved in Karl Stoerzinger’s move from Inver Grove Heights to the Corcoran neighborhood last month. In fact, there were no cars or gasoline used at all. With help from 18 trailers and over 20 friends, Karl moved all of his worldly possessions from his old home to the new using bicycle power. When asked why he chose such unconventional means for moving, Karl explained, “We got a lot of looks, waves, stares, honks, and shouts along the way. We certainly impacted these people in some manner.” Karl says he is not “anti-car,” but wishes more people would use bicycles rather than cars for commuting and simple errands. “This is the kind of inspiration,” he says, “that I want to try to distribute in any way that I can.”
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Human Powered Move

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